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MAIN - Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network
MAIN Guidelines
Key Points
  • Examples of organizations MAIN will and will not publish.
  • Organizations wishing to publish on MAIN must be non-profit, and/or community-oriented.
  • Organizations wishing to publish on MAIN must be located in the Austin, Texas area.
  • MAIN DOES NOT publish for commercial establishments.
  • Non-profits that offer little, or no community information are not likely to fit with MAIN's mission.
  • Each organization must have a single point of contact for their FTP account. Your organization will have one (1) user ID and password for anyone within your organization to use. We leave it to each organization to make sure their ID and password does not get into the wrong hands.
  • Organizations wishing to publish on MAIN are permitted 5mb of server space.
Are there any limitations to what our organization can do with a web site at MAIN?
  • We let you do what ever you want as long as it is legal. The only limits are in disk space and some items that require technical services from MAIN.
  • We ask that you try to limit your combined file sizes (documents and graphics files) to 1mb. You are allowed to go as high as 5mb. Over 5mb requires a written justification to the MAIN Board for consideration.
  • MAIN does not support or allow you to establish secure (password protected) areas. You are expected to publish information that has general community value/interest.
  • Publishers should remember that the Internet, though a powerful communications channel, is best described as a "cooperative anarchy" that relies on tradition and widely accepted "standards" to function smoothly. One of most deeply rooted of these involves the abuse of the Usenet newsgroups or e-mail to advertise or solicit visitors to a web site. This practice is more commonly known as "spam".
  • Because MAIN is a community of publishers using common resources, any use of "spam", originating from any source, to promote a web site on MAIN can result in the removal of that site following an investigation by MAIN officers into any complaints received.
How do we determine your organization's URL?

Your URL (web address) will be:

    http://www.main.org/directory name
    Example: www.main.org/boyscouts
You can request a directory name.

If the directory name you request is not in use already, we will usually let you use it. Please keep it to 12 characters or less. Make sure you request it at the time your FTP account is being set up.

NOTE: The home page file name for your organization must be 'index.html.'

Other Information
  • What does it cost?
    There is no cost to have your materials published on MAIN.
  • What should I publish on the Internet?
    We suggest you start off with something simple like your organization's standard brochure information. Once you have that in place, MAIN will work with you in exploring other possibilities.
  • Who controls my organization's information?
    You control the content of your information. MAIN will work with you to determine its format and its categorization on the MAIN web site. MAIN will not claim or defend copyright of your materials. You publish materials on the Internet at your own risk and agree to hold MAIN harmless from any legal matters arising from your information.
  • Can I use third-party content?
    Use of copyrighted material is a complex subject. If you are considering doing so, check here for some of the basics on copyright issues.
  • Organizations may manage their own content on MAIN
    If an organization has one or more experienced web site developers, they can mange their own space at MAIN. MAIN will provide qualified organizations with a secure FTP account, so they can access and manage their content.
    See FTP Accounts at MAIN for policies and procedures for setting up and using a direct FTP access account at MAIN.
  • Internet Access
    MAIN is not an Internet access provider or Email account provider. You must get these services on your own.
  • Internet Access
    MAIN is not an Internet access provider or Email account provider. You must get these services on your own.
  • Remote management of pages using MS Front Page
    MAIN does not support remote web site management with Microsoft Front Page.
  • Please Link Back To MAIN
    We do ask that organizations publishing at MAIN provide a link back to MAIN's home page from their home page.
  • Getting Your Organization Online is the Goal
    If you do not understand everything written here, don't worry about it. Some of the comments are targeted at more experienced folks. If you need assistance, MAIN will help you.
  • Who can I contact for more information?
    Contact the webmaster, a.k.a, the Webops team: Terry, Mike, and Bill at your service. They will determine if your organization is qualified to publish on MAIN and answer any general questions you may have. You should fill out the application form offered later in these documents before contacting webmaster. NOTE: The MAIN Board has final authority on who may publish and/or in resolving any content issues.
  • MAIN is a volunteer organization
    All the folks at MAIN are volunteers. Please keep this in mind when you set time lines and expectations.
  • Does MAIN accept donations to offset expenses?
    Yes, indeed! Please e-mail MAIN if you are interested in making a contribution.


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