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MAIN Supporters

Our deepest thanks go out to the following organizations and individuals that have contributed to MAIN  and the Austin community:

Texas Commission on the Arts has contributed funding for MAIN.org and TXarts.net upkeep.

Compaq Computers - Server donation

Broadwing Communications.  For years the wonderful people of Broadwing Communications have been providing the highest quality connectivity for our systems and the nonprofit activities we serve. MAIN deeply appreciates Broadwing; their continuing sponsorship has been invaluable for our community.

Time Warner has generously supported MAIN by funding the purchase of critical hardware needs. Top management at Time Warner Austin have been a strong supporter of MAIN and regularly promote our efforts.

For their contribution of computer and overhead projection equipment. 3M has been a supporter of MAIN from its earliest days. Their donation helps us with public demonstrations of our Web site.

For the generous contribution of a computer for MAIN's on-line services. The folks at Sun Microsystems didn't even bat an eye when we asked for assistance. They pulled together a complete Internet-ready system for us and worked with our technical folks to ensure everything went as planned.

For the generous contribution of a computer hardware and support services to MAIN's operations. The folks at Wallingford Electronics have offered assistance more than once when MAIN has asked.

We would like to thank Applied Materials for their generous contribution of funds to purchase a new computer, modem, software and phone service for a year so that MAIN's first public access site could be launched at the George Washington Carver branch of the Austin Public Library.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has made a generous donation in support of MAIN's equipment and marketing needs. Known for their community involvement, AMD was quick to offer assistance in many areas and has shown a strong interest in getting quality information to our children.

The Austin Public Library has provided and continues to provide encouragement and support to MAIN with Library staff members contributing time to help create the organization and begin organizing content for the community networking effort.

The General Libraries of The University of Texas at Austin has contributed to the Austin community by donating staff time, meeting space, and office support to MAIN since its inception over three years ago. This commitment continues today.

Kristian Jones, President of Parachute Computers has been a strong supporter of MAIN, including volunteering to be our first Communications Chair, Parachute Computers also provided all of our mailings, maintained our data base, and designed and printed a three fold brochure during the early days of MAIN.

Our deepest appreciation goes out to Karen and William Buey for their generous donation of a computer.

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