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Publishing Examples

Use the following examples to determine your organization's qualifications for publishing on MAIN.

  • Local clubs that do not have IRS non-profit status?
    Yes - local clubs such as ski, model rockets, computer users and other special interest groups qualify.
  • A non-profit that wants to publish advertising for their products and services?
    No - if the majority of your content is limited to advertising, MAIN will not publish you.
  • A state, county, or city government agency?
    Yes - we publish local government agencies.
  • A local school, or education related organization?
    Yes - MAIN publishes local schools and any other education information of value to the community.
  • Political advertising?
    Yes - MAIN will publish a one page political candidate page, provided that the content is limited to the candidate's position and qualifications. We will not publish a candidate's comments about another individual running against him/her.
  • Industry and other associations?
    Yes - Main will publish associations if the content is targeted at the general community.
  • Content that is strictly of value to the membership of an organization?
    No - you may include such information as "part" of your content, but the majority of the information must be of general community value.
  • Commercial sites?
    No - MAIN will not publish commercial sites. We do point to commercial sites, but only that part of their service that has community value. Many commercial sites offer community interest information. MAIN encourages commercial sites to do this and will point to their information if it is organized in a way that their advertising content can be avoided.


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