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Expected Outcomes
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What level of support is needed from your organization's leadership?
  • How much do they know about the Web?
  • What information do you need to educate them?
  • Why should your Organization have a Web presence?
Do some homework to present to your organization's leadership.


  • A summary of Web goals, target audience, approximate budget, anticipated efficiencies in your business operations
  • A summary of Web growth
  • A summary of nonprofit activity on the Web

Your Web page will become a permanent part of your organization's marketing plan (and budget), so you will most likely need to begin with an in-house education program to demonstrate the value of having an Internet presence. Once staff members have an opportunity to actually experience a Web page, they may be more inclined to participate or contribute to its content development and design and be willing to interact with potential customers via email.

Some tips for organizing your education process:

Create a brief Web demo of different Web pages that have elements that you feel would work well for your organizations. Don't limit yourself to similar organizations. Some of the best work is high-end commercial work. If an organization in your local area already has a page, include them on your tour. Include any relevant city, state, and regional informational pages that promote your area. In addition, you should include a Web page for one of your corporate/business donors to talk about the potential sponsorship synergy.

Download the pages and create an off-line version of your tour, as doing your Web demo live could potentially be a turn-off if your service goes down or if you have a slow connection.

Do the demos in small groups, allowing people to ask as many questions as they want. This will help you identify interested people who you want to serve on a Web page development committee or find an existing committee that will embrace a Web planning process. Be sure to get their ideas for how your organization's Web site should look and the content it should include.


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