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Usage Logs/Stats Go to www.main.org/report. Click on the month in the "Summary by Month" table, and then click on "Top URLs." That table has a link at the bottom for all the urls on MAIN.

Broken-Link Check. Checkbot is now available for client sites. The url is http://www.main.org/xxx/checkbot.html, where xxx is the directory name your organization uses. That page has the overall summary; click on the link under "server" (www.main.org) to get the detail page

Counter Scripts. Put this html where you want the counter to show up:
<img src="/cgi-bin/count?df=myloginid.dat&dd=B" alt="counter">
Be sure to substitute your own login ID for 'myloginid.' For other counter styles, check here.

Link back to MAIN!
You can add the following graphic

by inserting this code into your html

<a href="http://www.main.org"><img src="http://www.main.org/graphics/hosted.jpg" width="145" height="22" border="0"></a>

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