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The information in this guide is presented for parents to use or to disregard as they choose. Opinions expressed or implied are those of the authors and are not necessarily shared by everyone in the Austin Area Homeschoolers (AAH) support group. AAH as an organization neither endorses nor opposes any particular educational philosophy, method, supplier, service, material, or publisher. Our group serves all types of homeschoolers, without regard to their lifestyles, religions or beliefs, cultures, races, educational backgrounds, political affiliations, economic group, or family sizes. We support the right of parents to choose whichever methods, philosophies, and materials they determine will best meet the current needs of their own children. While AAH parents believe that we have chosen the best approaches for our own families, we respect conflicting decisions made by other parents. We celebrate our diversity, and we agree to disagree on many subjects.

None of the information in this publication should be construed as legal advice.

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Updated by Engela Edwards and Betsy Orf November 2009. 
Updated again 2012.

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